Start by downloading Nibye’s app via App Store or Google Play, and register a new account. Continue by turning on your phone’s Bluetooth, and follow the app’s guided steps to learn how to connect your watch, add followers, and trigger the alarm. Now you’re all set!

Three Types of Alarms

The watch has two different types of alarms - a siren alarm, and a quiet alarm. As a watch user, you can activate alarms through your safety watch, or inside the app. By double clicking on the watch’s alarm button (placed at 10 o’clock), you activate the siren alarm. By pressing the watch’s alarm button for 5 seconds, you activate the quiet alarm. Regardless of what alarm you choose to trigger, your location will temporarily be shared along with a notification to your followers. 

In the app, you can also activate our “Follow me home” function that allows your followers to continuously track your route home.


As a follower, you will be notified whenever a watch user activates an alarm. By seeing their location and quickly getting in touch through the app’s chat, you can help them feel fearless at all times.

The Nibye App

Download via App Store or Google Play