Terms Of Use

It may occur a sudden, usually, temporary malfunction or fault of both Nibye Safety Watch (further referred to as hardware), and Nibye mobile application (further referred to as software).

Nibye does not take responsibility for you getting help when triggering an alarm. This includes the quiet alarm, siren alarm, and in-app alarm. Nibye can not guarantee that glitches in third party’s services will not occur, such as Google Maps. Nibye does neither take responsibility for any external, or internal self-made damage, and the possible effects this might have on the hardware or software. 

It’s the watch user’s responsibility to ensure that hardware and software system requirements are met. This includes; a stable internet connection for both watch users and followers, that the follower’s sound is turned on, and that the watch user has allowed Nibye to temporarily track their location when an alarm has been triggered.

The watch user takes full responsibility for: creating alarm groups and adding followers, making sure the followers accept the invitation/invitations, and choosing a primary group to be able to send out alarms. The watch user is also responsible for ensuring that the hardware battery is charged, and the app is updated to the latest version.